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Compositions Apart from composing for my own groups & projects, I write for ensembles of classical musicians and improvisers, and for film and theater. For scores and parts please contact me.



Big Band and other Large Ensemble Works:

• Tap Toe: 10 minute piece for Tapdancer Peter Kuit and the David Kweksilber Big Band (5,5,6 plus extended rhythm section). To be premiered January 30, 2011

Far Away: 10-minute piece for the Tetzepi Big Band (3,3,4 plus rhythm section). Live recording Bimhuis, Netherlands, 2010. A melancholic "love song', arranged in an energetic way, over a drum & bass groove.

Drift: 9-minute piece for the Tetzepi Big Band (3,3,4 plus rhythm section), premiere Bimhuis Amsterdam, Netherlands 2007. From the CD “Seeds” by Tetzepi (Trytone Records). A piece inspired by ambient music and by composer James Tenney's concept of a collective "swell".

• Clump: 11-minute piece for Big Band (4,4,5 plus rhythm section), for the Harvard Jazz Band, 2003.

• Gamut Etude: 10-minute piece for 12-piece chamber ensemble featuring live electronic processing and improvised sections for a banjo player, 2003. Based on John Cage's "Gamut Technique" of composing, as in his String Quartet in Four Parts.

Klont: 8-minute piece for the Tetzepi Big Band (3,3,4 plus rhythm section), 2003 Live recording Bimhuis Amsterdam 2006.

• XXJ: 3-minute piece for 13-piece chamber orchestra, New England Conservatory Chamber Orchestra, 2002

• Druil: 9-minute piece for the Tetzepi Big Band (3,3,4 plus rhythm section), 2001

Works for Saxophone Quartet

Bounce: 8-minute piece for the Amstel Saxophone Quartet, premiere Den Bosch, Netherlands 2010. Tenor and alto saxophone are muted, with a water bottle and a rubber ball. Inspired by the rhythm of a boucing ball.

Shruut: 8-minute piece for the Amstel Saxophone Quartet plus electronic Shruti Box, premiere Den Bosch, Netherlands 2008. Appears on CD Amstel Raga (Amstel Records, 2010). Dedicated to Indian composer/filmmaker Satyajit Ray. Performances in Europe, North America, China.

Babbe: 5-minute piece for Jorrit Dijkstra - tin whistle, Allan Chase –alto sax, Kelly Roberge – tenor sax Josh Sinton – bass clarinet. Brown Hall, New England Conservatory Boston, 2003. Originally written for Drones in the Bones.

Five to Twelve: 5-7 minute piece for Allan Chase – soprano sax, Jorrit Dijkstra - alto sax, Kelly Roberge – tenor sax Josh Sinton – baritone sax. Brown Hall, New England Conservatory Boston, 2003

• Zekra: 5-minute piece for the Stratos Saxophone Quartet, 1997. Contains Improvisation.

Solo, Duo and Trio Works

• Snips: 6-minute piece for electric guitar and loop machine, for Wiek Hijmans. Premiere Russia, 2009

Lament: 6-minute piece for shõ, bass clarinet and soundtrack of a gradually sliding sinewave, for Duo X, premiere March 2007 Laura Carmichael (bass clarinet) Naomi Sato (shõ).

pre:rec:recre:ep: 8-minute piece for piano and soundtrack, for Sonsoles Alonso, 2005. Premiere Theater Kikker, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Performances in Spain, Germany, USA. The soundtrack is composed of prerecorded improvisations by Sonsoles.

Veeg: 8-minute piece for alto flute, bass clarinet, and soundtrack, for the Kaida Duo, 2004. Fie Schouten (bass clarinet), Karina Erhard (alto flute). Appears on CD “Villages and Spaces” (Karnatic Lab Records KLR006). The soundtrack is composed of prerecorded improvisations by Fie and Karina.

Zwiep: 7-minute piece for viola, trombone, and theremin, 2003. James Coleman – theremin, Amelia Hollander – viola, Jamie Kember - trombone Brown Hall, New England Conservatory Boston, 2002. A piece using sweeping sounds, with an improvised role for the theremin.

Tangoing-By: 5-minute piece for piano and contrabass, 2002 performed by Jack Kurutz –piano, Brad Kemp – bass. Brown Hall, New England Conservatory Boston, 2003. An through-composed arrangement for piano and bass (no improvisations) of an older tune of mine, Tangoing-By (Trio Dijkstra, Argüelles, Kool).

Electronic Music

Solo saxophone, lyricon and electronics:
Some studio recordings of my solo work, done in the summer of 2007 in Oakland CA. I extperimented with a microphone in the bell, feedback, and with overdubbing. Other infor on my soloproject is here.

Partially Overdone: alto saxophone and lyricon, 6 tracks overdubbed

Frizz: muted alto saxophone and lyricon, 2 tracks overdubbed

Knonook: amplified alto saxophone with feedback

Laptop Saxophone:
In the summer of 2003, I recorded an extensive sound library of short and longer samples of my own saxophone sounds and improvisations. These were processed in Ableton Live, and created into a few pieces. I also played a few improvised concerts with this “laptop saxophone”

Lokaas: 10-minute piece for laptop saxophone, commissioned by Lokaal 01 Arts Center, Netherlands, 2004. Featuring drum samples by Steve Argüelles, from his sample CD Beat and Break shop (Plush Records)

• Ringtones:
jorritingtone A, jorritingtone B, jorritingtone C (mp3 format)

Music for Film, Theater, Visual Arts

• 4:48 Psychosis: sound design for play by Sarah Kane. Fort Point Theatre Channel, Boston, 2007

Northern Lights: electronic soundtrack for film by conceptual artist Kerry Tribe, 2005

Monkey Dance: electronic score for documentary film by Julie Mallozzi, 2004

• Dangerous Passes Road: score for play by Ruby Slippers Theater Company, Vancouver, 2000

• Nurturing the Whole Family, Loud and Clear, Progress and Promise, A Certain Kind of Potential, Reviviendo, 100 Years of Service: music for industrial videos by Julie Mallozzi Productions, 1999-present