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Jorrit Dijkstra Solo

Jorrit Dijkstra  |  alto sax, lyricon, analog electronics

In his Solo project, Dutch alto saxophonist and composer Jorrit Dijkstra uses an array of analog electronic effect devices to process his improvisations live on stage. By using techniques such as looping, feedback, and microtonal pitch shifting, he extends his already flexible saxophone style into an idiosyncratic mix of cool jazz, free improvisation, and electronic minimalism. He has also resurrected the Lyricon, a vintage analog wind synthesizer from the 1970s, bringing the instrument into more experimental and improvised music settings.

His first solo CD 30 Micro-stems was released in 2001 (TrytoneRecords), which critics have called “engaging and very human music in collaboration with and in response to a machine presence” (Dusted Magazine, Charlie Wilmoth), and “His alto playing has some affinities with Konitz’s, though its fluffy lightness also recalls Paul Desmond. {…} however, processing, and his often abstract lines, give it a harder edge.” (The Wire, Andy Hamilton). The Boston Globe’s Kevin Lowenthal writes “He takes his audiences on a quirky, energetic, captivating journey through a world of sound and emotion… Jorrit Dijkstra has already distinguished himself as a man to watch.”
Jorrit’s second solo CD Never Odd Or Even (Driff Records CD1503, released in 2015) was recorded over a period of a year at Steim electronic studio in Amsterdam. The pieces focus on the exploration of textures with the alto saxophone, the Lyricon, an Eurorack analog synth, and effect pedals, using various overdub and feedback techniques.


Jorrit_Dijkstra_30 micro stems

30 micro-stems

Trytone 559-014, 2002


Never Odd Or Even

Driff CD1503, 2015

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