Jessica Roseman |  dance

Jorrit Dijkstra  |  saxophones

Dancer/choreographer Jessica Roseman and saxophonist and composer Jorrit Dijkstra have been collaborating improvisationally in Boston for three years. Roseman and Dijkstra dialogue with sound, rhythm, touch, weight, expression, and space to compose abstract stories together. Their ongoing improvisational exchange Buzz draws as heavily upon both free improvisation practices in music and in dance, as it does on relationship dynamics and awareness.


The duo practices being fully present with each other, and while at play discover new manifestations of that presence. In their trusting partnership, each artist’s creative inquiry pushes the other to together expand their limits of performance. Buzz inherently explores the politics of our identities in space together. What does it mean for a Dutch man and an African American woman to share the stage? How do we communicate as equals?


Buzz has been adapted for large proscenium stages, outdoor site specific areas, and for small spaces.


Photo by Sandy Aldieri, Perceptions Photography